How to find the proper selector for popup ok button


Good day

when i click on link for few items will get message pop ups. in that scenario i need to click on ok button which is shown in the below image

which “activity” is best suitable for that and how can i use best “selector

because i tried but it was unable to click on ok button



Use on element appear activity or Find element


Hi @vinjam_likitha

Does the popup happen at the same spot or does it happen anytime in the workflow?

I would open “UiExplorer” and see what selectors are available.

This will depend on when the popup appears but I would try a ‘Pick Branch’ to check for the popup with an ‘Element Exists’ (just need to find the selector for the ‘Ok’ button or the ‘window’).

Hopefully this helps.




Try to use strict selector on the button that will trigger the java pop-up, and change the click type from simulate click to hardware events, then use hotkey trigger “enter”. Do not use Fuzzy Selector.

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