How to find the message ID/parent message ID/ file url for CiscoWebexTeams.IntegrationService.Activities?

All the activities under ciscowebexteams package needs either message ID or parent message ID and file url. How to find them?


Try using get list messages and in the response …response.additionaldetails should give you the message id in it


@Anil_G Thanks. It worked with activities version 4.0.1. I have few other challenges.

  1. connection breaks for every 10 mins. Is there way to prevent this?
  2. with the activity’s version 4.0.4, I get error eventhough the room id is specified as in the screenshot.
  3. Also is there a way to trigger a UiPath process to run by sending a messsage/chat in the room?
  4. What should be the page token in the list messages activity in the version 4.0.4?


  1. For connection may be api is having a limit …check on the same with cisco team…also which authentication are you using?
  2. Did you tey opening the advanced editor by clicking plus and gice the value there?
  3. Events support is not there for cisco connector so there is no direct way…
  4. Api generally has a limit of number of items it can retrieve…when there are more items …then in api you get one attribute for next page which contains an id…that is what you can give it here


Webex connection which was working fine suddenly broken. I get the below error when I try to establish the connection again. I did not make changes for connection.

From the url in the image [ not create token in CTS]. Is that the exact issue? How to increase it?

@Anil_G Authentication type: OAuth 2.0


Please work with the cisco team to resolve this…basically as per error looks like the limit has reached…get a new token


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