How to find the excel files that were modified by one week ago

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I have some Excel files in a folder, some of these Excel files were modified within one week(depends on nowdate), some of these files were modified one week ago, how could I find the excel files were modified one week ago in this folder? anybody could give me some demo code ?  thanks a lot in advance.

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thanks a lot for your reply. could you give me some demo .xaml code? I feel confused.

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May I know at which spot we got stuck with the above mentioned thread

i could get the (write line) the modified date of each files in a folder, use File.GetLastWriteTime(path).ToString. how compare these modifed date with nowdate, if one week ago , then do next task? of course , nowdate is a variable , it depends on system time .

To check with one week ago use directly this term in the right of CONDITIONAL operator >

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