How to find that there are hidden columns in excel sheet and unhide them

I have an excel sheet where there are some columns hidden due to which I am not able to paste the data.
What should I do to find the hidden columns and unhide it?
Can anyone suggest what to do??

Hey @Kunal_Jain Check this out


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Hi @Kunal_Jain Please check the below thread

Hi @Kunal_Jain

Check this

Hope this helps.

Should I use it in Invoke VBA??

Sub Unhide_All_Rows_Columns()
    Columns.EntireColumn.Hidden = False
    Rows.EntireRow.Hidden = False
End Sub

Yes, @Kunal_Jain is there any difficulty to implement this

Please check the below workflow on how to use invoke VBA (8.6 KB)

Invoke VBA: Number of parameters specified does not match the expected number.
I am getting this error

There are 2 columns with same name
Due to which error I am getting
Read Range: A column named ‘LG Qty On Hand’ already belongs to this DataTable.
But I need both of them

Can you share your sample input excel and VB code

Hi @Kunal_Jain ,

Check this below snippet in the market place which can rename the duplicate column names and can get you both the columns,

Hope this might help you :slight_smile:

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