How to find summation of values and compare with the result from a Web Page?

Hi All,

Please find below screenshot.

I have to sum up the lines below blue field and compare with the result which is just above blue field.
i.e., verify 15.62 + 2.24 = 17.86
This is part of a table in a webpage, where it can have multiple lines on every login.

Below the scenarios:

  10        27          0
  ---      ----         ---
  6   or    1     or     24 
  2         8
  4         2

Here, in E.g.1 : Summation of lines is not equal to the result value. S, it has to stop the bot.
E.g.2 : Summation of lines is equal to the result value. S0, it has to proceed.

Please help me with the logic.

Thanks in Advance:-)

can you if the total table is again divided into two tables

if so extract bot the tables
otherwise you have to extract total table and split into two as you are confirm that first two rows will be one table and remain second table , using linq query you can get sum of values of second table then compare to first

if not in for each you can build logic to exclude first two rows and sum up remaining values and compare