How to find out the Column values are less than 40

How to find out the below marked subject is less than 40.
if less than 40 then count could be 1, 2, 3 etc

Kindly assist.


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You can use Write cell activity and write CountIF expression

Check below for CountIF

Hope this will help you


Hi @VJK ,

I do think there is Still not enough information as to How you would require the Output to appear.

Could you also provide the Expected Output for the Input Excel Shown ?

Hi @VJK ,

Assuming that you want to assign the count of failed subjects to At_Kt Column, you may use an Invoke Code to achieve it →

dt.AsEnumerable().ToList().ForEach(sub(row) row("At_Kt")={"English", "Urdu", "Physics", "Math", "Chemistry", "Biology"}.Select(Function(s) If(CInt(row(s).ToString)<40,1,0)).Sum)

Benefit of using an Invoke Code is that you don’t have to worry about specifying all columns - you can simply focus on those columns that you want to work with.

GetBelowFortyCount.xaml (8.4 KB)

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Ashwin A.K

This is look like hardcoded.

Hi @VJK ,

Have you tested the sequence shared above?
Replace the Build DataTable Activity with a Read Range Activity and please let me know if it works as expected.

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Ashwin A.K

Not working as expected.
I am sharing the sheet,
Kindly help to print number of count in Al_KL columns if subject mark is less than 40
and rank will be based on mark.

Hi @VJK ,

We’d appreciate it if you could provide the sample dataset so that we can create a proper end to end resolution for you, could you please do the needful?

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Ashwin A.K

I am unable to upload file here due to new user.

Given below the format for data set and expected result in Al_KT and Rank columns

Hi @VJK ,

Could you give this a try?

Dim arr_subjects = {"English", "Physics", "Chemistry", "CS"}
Dim arr_marks = dt.AsEnumerable().Select(Function(s) arr_subjects.Sum(Function(su) CInt(s(su).ToString))).OrderByDescending(Function(o) o).ToArray()
	row("at_kt")=arr_subjects.Select(Function(s) If(CInt(row(s).ToString)<40,1,0)).Sum
	row("Rank") = Array.IndexOf(arr_marks,arr_subjects.Sum(Function(su) CInt(row(su).ToString)))+1
End Sub)

GetBelowFortyCount_v1.xaml (8.4 KB)
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Ashwin A.K

Thank you all for your reply/solution

hey can this be done through excel activities only? i am not well versed in linq. can you give solution using excel activities only?

check the final solution for both rank and at_kt (2.4 KB)


If you want to use the expression =COUNTIF(E2:J2, “>40”) in UiPath, you can use the below solution. I have tested it and it’s working.

index = 2

Create int At_Kt variable and assign the below expression in assign activity:
“=COUNTIF(E” & index.ToString & “:J” & index.ToString & “, “”<40"”)"

Note: index is an integer variable.

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