How to Find my Cursor Position in UI path

Actually i have [Job Duties] text in word document and i need to replace the [Job Duties] with my required Html Content input

I am able to replacing the text with Empty value but my cursor position is moving to the first page,even if my Replacing the text in second page or third page after the replacing with Empty value it was moving to Top of the page

Hey @Vamsikrishna_Talam

For Word doc operations it’s always good to have background way of doing things.

Do you really need to open the doc ? If yes, what is the specific reason please.

Kindly confirm


I have a Chrome HTML Document it was the Input and i have a [Job Duties] text in word document, I need to insert my HTML Document content in that place in my word document.

No Need to open the document…

You can just use replace text activity for word right ?