How to find my created item with specific name in the table?

Hi, all
I am a beginner for Uipath, and I need some help for an account creation testing thru Uipath.

My test case is: 1. open a main web page and there is a table lists all the information in it (table included column name in product name, summary, description, creation date…etc information) 2. go to create button, and input required field in the page to create a new item (for example type product name “abc”, summary content “abc-test” ). 3. after save your creation, go back to the table in main page and find your created item “abc” or find the summary you typed in the table to verify if your creation successful. 4. find your created item in the table and click it to edit

Does anyone know which activity can be used for finding your created item with specific name in the table? and also click it to edit ? I usually use "find row " in python script to search table, but I am not sure how to archive this with Uipath? Thank you

Hi Jason, welcome!

Usually we use Data Scraping to extract tables from web or apps and save the results in a DataTable. About Data Scraping

As you know how to get an item in a table with python you probably won’t need help doing that with UiPath either, right? :wink:

Happy Automating