How to find Inspect Element

How to find specific inspect element.

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hi @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana

can you elaborate more? do you mean find the html code of a particular element?

Hello @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana ,

Are you trying to do a UI based automation and trying to find the slector?

Then you can use UI Explorer to get reliable selectors. There you can add and eliminate the attributes from teh selector.

I want only quantity value in inspect element

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can you show the whole thing? just hide those confidential values

Hey @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana

Just use Get Attribute activity and indicate that UiElement on the screen.

Once the element is indicated, you will get a list of attributes available on that element.

Just choose yours & save the output in a variable which can be utilized later.

Hope that helps.


  • get attribute - selector to the element, attribute name: data-item
    • the returned string is JSON
  • deserialize JSON activity - myJObject
  • Assign Activity: intQuantitiy = myJObject(“quantity”).Value(Of Int32)

did you try automate inspect element on chrome browser ? i think you cant automate inspect element with chrome browser.
try internet explorer or opera browser to automate inspect element. or the alternate you can use inject javascript activity to send value(manipulate website) or get the value from website

Hi ,
how to get background web inspect element running timing in uipath
please help …

Thanks & regards

Sorry @vsivaraman81 not getting your point. Kindly explain in detail please.

how to url current running time like , uisng inspect element it will be showing an url run time . my task is getting url running strat time to same inspect time .are u understand .


Hey @vsivaraman81

Yes we can get the URL using some available UI activities.

But now could you please show us a snap which shows the URL in inspect element (opened manually) ?


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You can go through extact data table and change selector element in property panel.
According your inspect element.

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