How to Find Image Matches where the indicated image on screen is based on coordinates?

Hi all,

I am to search for several IDs in an SAP application (e.g ID1236094, ID5464404)
The SAP application has server-side scripting disabled thus i am to treat the application as a citrix environment.

My task is to see if there are duplicated IDs on the search result screen (which the robot recognizes as an image). While testing with many different OCR engines, i am unable to ensure 100% accuracy. I have tried to use the Find Image Matches and flag an error if the result.Count is more than 2 to show duplication. However, the “Indicate image on screen” in the Find Image Matches has to be a predefined image.

  1. How can i allow the robot to Find Image Matches based on a region of the image (because the search ID is always changing) ?
  2. If 1 is not possible, is there any way i can allow Microsoft or Google OCR Engines to not return special characters? For example, ID5464404 is returning as ID5464Ä04