How to find if a Data table is having a required value with out using for each row

Hi, I am having a data table with records of 2000 and above
I need to find out if the data table is having a specific value in it’s any of the column
If able to find the column , i need the column name and row number
Is this possible to achieve with out using for each row
Because using for each row with 2000 records , the process is too slow


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You can check for that value in a particular column and get the row index using this linq query,

New System.Data.DataView(dt).ToTable(False, {"yourColumn"}).AsEnumerable().[Select](Function(row) row.Field(Of String)("yourColumn")).ToList().FindIndex(Function(col) col = "valueToCheck")


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Use Lookup DataTable activity to do this.

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