How to find if a bot process has started and moved to Running time from DB at the Scheduled time

Hello Team,
I am performing few operations and want to find if a bot has started and running exactly at the scheduled time.
I am using Db data to do this.
Thank you!

Hi Radha,

I will recommend to use Send Mail Activity in the process, to receive the mail whenever the process starts.


Yes , after specifying the condition if the Bot did not move to ‘Running state’, I will keep send E-mail activity to trigger notifications.
But I want to know which data from Db will be required to check if the bot has started at the scheduled time and running or no?

Can u explain a little bit more
I might not have grasped your whole query

I want to build a bot in which ,if a particular bot process in orchestrator did not start at the triggered time and move to State: "Running ", we need to send notifications.
I am collecting the Orchestrator data from MS sql. So I want to know, based on what condition/which column I can consider to check the status of the Bot process if it has started or no?

Grab the values i.e State and Started and pass them into mail that u will receive when the process starts or moved on if not

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Thank you Shaf for the Help. But in the Db , StartTime will be indicated only when the process moves to State: Running, it will be in NULL when it is pending. Will this still help?

I think that’s our answer if we get NULL in email that means the bot is still in pending otherwise it is running…


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I get it, Thank you so much!

Is it possible to also check that with Triggers?
I will try out the first idea as well.

Give it a try with hoping for the best outcome

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Your always Welcome Dear…!

Yes, Thank you!

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