How to find htmlwindowname

Hello, I am getting this error anybody can help me?

Attach Browser ‘OrdersOpe Page’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Hello @Pravin_Shinde

To help you on this issue, need more details. Can you please check whether that browser is opened when you run the application?

You can record new sequence in that browser, so you get attach browser activity which you can replace or once go to Edit selector and indicate again so selectors will be updated.

Thank you for quick reply @saikumarreddy
Actully I am opening new window everytime at time of start scraping. If propitious window is open then it work fine for me. When it open new window through Open window action then it showing this error. I observed in selector ‘htmlwindowname’ this attribute is changing?
How to update this at run time ? can please suggest ?

Hi @Pravin_Shinde

well inside the attach activity go to edit selector and click Repair and make sure you click inside the browser and not the whole window.


@reda Thank you for reply
but it not working

Hi @Pravin_Shinde

What is the error it is giving you ? are you opening new window each time ? if yes are you using open browser ?
if yes you don’t need to to use attach to window?
Which browser are you using? if it is chrome have you installed the extension ?

Hi @reda
I am using Fire Box. Using web recorder I have opened browser and then I have started scraping. At time of scraping below error is occurs
Attach Browser ‘OrdersOpe Page’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ",

Hi @Pravin_Shinde

Fire Box is a Browser?

mozilla firefox

Ok that should be a problem of selector, if this is only a training exercice can you share the workflow here?


Hey @Pravin_Shinde,

We realized that with the version of UiPath.UiAutomation 18.4, the property htmlwindowname works fine, but when updating to UiPath.UiAutomation 19.7, the same selector will crash and then we ended up eliminating this attribute from the selector, leaving only the “Title”. This may be the issue you are facing.

@qateam @badita please be aware of this issue so you can help with a fix in the next versions of UiPath.UiAutomation.


Bruno Costa.

Hi Bruno, been facing this issue and removing this attribute since a few weeks now however I did not found it as something that should effect the code. Thankfully this was a UiPath issue. Though I wasted a lot of time tweaking my selectors :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you