How to find HTML table's header index using UiPath

I’ve a HTML table. I tried to find the table header’s text position using “Find Text Position” but I’m not getting index of the table header.

Purpose is, I want to click the table cell which is below the particular table header value. Please help regarding this.

Hello @Old_Musical_Hits ,

Index of table header is always 1, wherein the selectors of header cells would be
<*webctrl tableCol=‘1’ tableRow=‘1’ tag=‘TD’/>, <*webctrl tableCol=‘2’ tableRow=‘1’ tag=‘TD’/> and so on…

However, you need not go into Header Row.

You can manipulate the selector of the cell which you need to click using UIExplorer and use attributes aaname, ColName, RowName, tableCol, tableRow etc as per your requirement.

:slight_smile:You can refer below mentioned link for selector manipulation.

How to use variable in selector