How to find error?

Is there something in your Error List tab?

this message is reflecting.

Hi @taruna.mehra,

This issue is thrown when you have used flow decision but haven’t specified any condition in it. Please check your flow decision boxes.

You would have to specify the condition you want to check in Condition section under properties panel on right hand side of your screen(where you have outline selected, please select properties).

Please follow these steps and you will be able to find and resolve the error.


Hi Sonali, Thanks and its sorted however while running the BOT, need to add “enter email id”. Please guide. here,
and please do uipath academy training or look at documentation first :slight_smile:

Hi Mikolaj,

Thanks. am new to Uipath, just started my classes. facing issues while practicing.

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Hi Sonali,

Attaching correct screen shot.


good luck and have fun :slight_smile: but remember the gold order:
1.UiPath forum
2. Google
3. Asp. Net doc
4. StackOverflow
5. Create topic new post on forum :slight_smile:

Thanks Mikolaj for sharing gold orders with me.