How to find data from a table of a web page(s)


I have a web page which has 9 pages and these pages are in tabular format ,processing are as follows -
1.apply filers on tables(using subject column)
2.Now process only on filtered data .
3.opening hyperlink of one of the column of a table.

Problem is - i am finding a row based on subject into a web page which i don’t know on which i have to iterate through all the 9 pages and i have 45 rows so 45 rows * 9 will be time consuming.

Is it possible to do scarping dynamic? so that page by page i will process above steps.
help is appreciated!

Many thanks

serach_and_navigate.xaml (11.9 KB)

Hi @lata

I don’t think you can scrape rows by filtering. You will have to scrape the whole table and then apply filter and do not worry it would be within a fraction of time.


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@PrankurJoshi - yes ,that i did actually.
Problem is filtered datatable having 45 rows and now i will have to find each row to web page( page by page) to find where it lies on which that i can get hyperlink and i can click on it.