How to find column value is blank and update the status without using Loop

Hello All,

In this excel file ,The column (Current H8,New H8, Delivery Location)should not be empty, If this following column are empty, In status it should update as Unsuccessful & Remarks are Column name (Current H8,New H8, Delivery Location)not found.

Also New H8 <> Current H8, In status is Unsuccessful & Remarks as New H8 & Current H8 are same.

Finally, I need to add the values to queue where Status <> Unsuccessful.

Since, there are more than 15K rows, I need to process without using loop,
Excel, for your reference

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @nithya,

Your request of not using loops for performance reasons is not correct. Please read this thread to know more about the two approaches: standard loops (which in the backend probably already use linq) vs. standalone linq query in UiPath.

As per the approach you can use.
You can use a for loop or nested loops and build up all the logic to find where the edits need to be made and when an index matches those conditions, update the status column with the required string and later write it to excel.

have a look here:
How to Update Data Column Values of a Data Table | Community Blog

Your case has a chance to get solved with a data column expression approach

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Hi @nithya,

Please try this approach, I have used excel as Database and updated the columns as per your requirement.

ExcelUpdateRows.xaml (8.8 KB)

Sample Output:
Data.xlsx (12.5 KB)

Please change the Excel file path in argument and test it.


Hi @kadiravan_kalidoss ,

Thanks for your reply, I tried executing the bot with sample excel you have provided,
I am facing issue while execution,

Screenshot for reference.

Hi @nithya,

For me its running fine, unable to reproduce your error. Can you please check file path and Non Execute query activity connection properties to ensure everything is in place.


I have changed the Excel path @kadiravan_kalidoss .
Do I need to give anything on parameter?

Hi @nithya, everything looks good. Strange issue. Let me check and update you once i got the solution. Please let me know if you find anything.

Just use a For Each loop. They aren’t slower than what you’re trying to do. It’s impossible not to loop, all you’re really doing here is trying to hide that it’s looping. 15k records is nothing. I did tests and had to get to 5 million rows before any noticeable processing time difference appeared.

@postwick ,Sure will try with for each loop to proceed further.