How to find and replace a value in excel

Hi All,

Have excel with below values


Want to replace Primary - 1 to Primary and Primary - 2 to Secondary.


Hi @Boopathi

say row(“UploadedName”).ToString=“Primary” and the same for secondary based on condition

Ashwin S

Hi @Boopathi,

Kindly follow the steps below.

  1. Read Range Excel data with output var DT
  2. Take For Each Row activity &use it on DT
  3. Take If inside for each row.
    With the condition —> row(“UploadedName”).ToString=“Primary - 1”
    Take assign in Then section of If activity as given below,
    And leave the Else as empty.
  4. One more If activity one another for Primary - 2.
    With the condition —> row(“UploadedName”).ToString=“Primary - 2”
    Take assign in Then section of If activity as given below,
  5. Take Write Range activity next to the for each row (outside the for each row)
    To write DT in another sheet, to ensure the output.
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On the Top of what everyone suggested - The same can be done for all values at once using UI Automation

  1. Send Hotkey (ctrl + H) : this will open the Below Menu


  1. Take Two Type into activities and Type values Primary 1 in Find what and Primary in Replace With

  2. Click on Replace all.

  3. Repeat the same for Primary 2 and Secondary.


use BalaReva Custom Excel Activity . Below is link for Same


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In For Each Row:
row("UploadedName") = row("UploadedName").ToString().Replace("Primary - 1", "Primary").Replace("Primary - 2", "Secondary")


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