How to find and click text on Java based application

I am trying to click on table list on Java application Arcsight, however it is not operating the same. I tried with “Click”, “Click Text”, “Get Text”, “Get Visible Text”.

Can anyone help, thank you .

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Hi @SihYingChen ,

Did you try installing Java Extension?

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes! I have already installed it. The first time you log in to this system, you can choose the list type, and the second time it will show the entire screen as shown in the figure.

Hello @SihYingChen ,

What is the selector you get if you click the whole table? Also, what is the UiAutomation package version that you are using? If it is a version bigger than 20.12, what is the ‘cls’ property value for that element in UiExplorer → Property Explorer? And another question, is there any way someone could download a demo version of that application?

Thanks for your reply.
1.Studio version is 20.4

2.The first time selector

3.second time selector

This application is placed in the client environment, I have no way to provide a demo version

I have been this condition before. I tried to reboot your computer and application in the client environment and it worked.