How to find activities being used from a dependency?

(we also remember your skill set and do know, that we dont have to tell you things like WFA as you already know it)

there are several techniques, as not all is available to get handled by tools:

  • we can collect and identify activities by its name / schemas
  • e.g. prefix:name from the xaml
    where we map the prefix namespace to the referenced package/assembly

So we can setup some custom XAML - XML Processings Or Mass Text Processings and filling up this tool gap

A more Studio integrated approach is to remove the package in Legacy and get hints by the unresolved packages.

Example: Microsoft.Activities package v 1.0.1

  • it has many activities
  • we assume that only a fraction is used
  • a lot of replacements / alternate handlings can be found

So the strategy could be by forced breaking package wise to do the portings directly in Legacy before converting. Mapping Set PRE-Working

Benefit: we can also refer to the older implementation details. Once everything is done, we can go ahead to next

Migration Landing page:

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