How to find a process name to kill?

I have a Desktop application for Microsoft NAV system. What is the process name for this so I can kill it at the beginning of execution?

My program deals with NAV system, and it will open the application when I start the program. But if it is already open, I want to kill the process and close it.
But I can’t find the process name for this. How can I find it?

Also, in general, how can you find the process name for killing purposes, for any desktop applications?

Finally, if killing process has a pop up such as “Do you want to save your work before closing?” etc, how can I deal with it? I can only think of using “Find element” or something, with if-statement.

To find the process name, you can use the Windows ‘Task Manager’.

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Well if you know the process name then you can use the activity ‘Get processes’ and then use ‘kill process’ activity if that collection has your process in it and it is running. (Using kill process directly also will work)

If you don’t know the name of the process then you should find out to kill it :slight_smile:


@tomato25 Open up task manager (shortcut to do this is to press all 3 at the same time: ctrl+shift+esc)

Once it’s open, right the application on the ‘applications’ tab and click ‘go to process’. The image name that is highlighted is the name of the process. In the ‘kill process’ activity within UiPath, you can input this name (stop at the .exe part, you only want the name not the extension) as a string and it will kill the process. Killing a process will never show a pop-up box, it will just kill the application


I know how to open Task Manager, but I cannot find the process name for the specific application.
There are so many processes that are currently running, and I cannot find a way to pin-point the process name I am looking for.

I only know the application’s name, but I couldn’t find a similar process name to the application name.

Note: I said “I cannot find the process name” but I am not saying it doesn’t exist. I just don’t know the process name, hence there is no way to find it.

I got it. Thank you.

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