How to find a columns value from datatable


Is it passable to find a specifik value from at Table Column with assign activity?

I have a datatable as “datatable1” and a For each loop of that table.
dt1 = datatable1

I want to find that column A have a specifik value “10” in all rows exist in that table so that I do know the value exist or not.

@Latif pardon me, having difficulties to understand your query. Can you please add some screen shots of the issue and how you want it to be?



Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


Hi @Latif

Please try this syntax

dtTable.AsEnumerable.Where(function(d) d(“Column1”).ToString.Contains(“test”)).Count

Column1 - your column name
test - replace with 10

if the output is 0 the value is not present and if its more than 0 the value is present in the column

Change contains to equals if you want

Im extracting a table from SAP and data is stored in output table - datatable1
this table have many columns but I want to check if my column 0 the first column have value “10” for eksample on all the rows…
act I want to delete the specik row with value 10.

I did a for each loop of that table as DT1
I can delete with finding value… but problem is with foreach loop its checking every row and then delete on where value is 10. which is perfekt.
But when there is now value matched and it had gone through with all rows its giving anwer on each row that this row didt had value… and i need a collective answer with table have value then its procede if dont then dont procede