How to filter where WIID is less than 600000

Below is part of assignment.

For each page

  • Filter the records where Status is ‘Open’ ;
  • Filter the records where Description is ‘Calculate Client Security Hash’ ;
  • Filter the records where WIID is less than 600000 ;

in If condition I added

row(“Status”).Equals(“Open”) and row(“Description”).Equals(“Calculate Client Security Hash”)
but don’t know how to filter the third condition WIID <600000

Guys, please help me here.


Try this. Convert.ToInt32.row(“WIID”)<600000


You can use any approach to filter your datatable:-

  1. Filter datatable activity + mention column names.
  2. Using LINQs to directly check condition.
  3. Convert that perticual column into Int type and then check the condition.
    etc etc



Try this:

          CInt(row("WIID").ToString) < 600000

I used cINT(row(“WIID”).toString)<600000 and it worked.

Thanks all for your support.