How to filter unwanted attachment excel files when save attachment from outlook

Hi guys! If I want to filter and get this excel file name: Revised… and I don’t want this excel file name: Tentative… when downloading attachments from outlook within the same message and sender how do I do that? So scenario is like this:

I receive attachment excel file yesterday: Tentative…

I receive attachment excel file today: Revised…


The other way is you can download the attachments in a folder and delete the unwanted files from a folder would be an easy solution.

Get list of files in a folder and then delete the files which contain Tentative in the file name.

Karthik Byggari


HI @phoenix123 ,
i have created one workflow which suits yor requirement.
please try this and let me know.
You need to tune the workflow according to your email,local path and the conditions as well.

_Test.xaml (13.9 KB)


@KarthikByggari do you have any example of the workflow? Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Indrajit_Banerjee somehow is working but it delete both tentative and revised file but i just want to delete tentative file name only but revised not need to delete.


Hey @phoenix123

This is Old Solution by me but still works Great :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Check it out - How to save perticular file from outlook, when the attachments contains multiple files - #3 by aksh1yadav

so you can tweak i a bit by comparing name or using contains method of string to check in If condition to either save it or not :slight_smile:


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@aksh1yadav hi sir thanks for your solution is there any shorter one? I see quite confusing… sorry about that… but is there anyway to use filter out the name of the files using contain, etc?