How to filter the queue items without using reference property?

I have a requirement where there is a field(added in ItemInformation while using “Add Queue Item”) in the queue. Based on the value in the field, I have to perform some tasks.

Example: If the ItemInformation value in the Queue item is “True” then that corresponding item can be processed. If the value is “False” then those items have to be performed after the Business Hours.

So here I am using Get Transaction Item and able to filter the Transaction Items using Specific Content, but the issue I am facing here is the Queue Item status is changing to In Progress. When the bot runs at after business hours no new items are being available to perform.

Here no Reference Name given.

Can anyone help me out, how to solve this issue?

If you come across a queue item which should not be processed at the time it is acquired, you can postpone the item until a certain time.
Use a logic to calculate so that it’s postponed until the next eligible business hour window.

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