HOW TO filter the data in the excel sheet (11.8 KB)

i want to filter some excel data,and write these filter datas to the excel another to achieve it.ask for someone help.

@chlosh, there different ways to do this, you can use the read range activity to read your excel data into data table and then use filter datatable activity to filter out the data and then the output data from that can be parsed into the write range activity to write into the new sheet. in the file you shared, what data do you need to filter for?

@chlosh - you can try -

  • read excel using read range
  • filter datatable using“columnname=filtertext”)
  • write filter data to excel…
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i wanto filter the row(“due date”) is overdue 60days and 180dyas from now. for example

if row(“due date”)= 05/06/2019 and today is 05/06/2020 ,so it is overdue 365 days.

i want to filter all the rows,and if row(“due date”) is overdue 60days ,then write to the “>60days” (39.7 KB)

hi,i am a uipath newcomer,so could you modify my uploadfile to show me how to do it?thanks you very much.

HI @chlosh,

Check this thread.


thanks for your help, but it is different from my example.If you can modify my upload file and show me .it would be great.