How to filter table rows based on color using Filter Table activity


In the input excel, the data are actually placed within the Table (Inserted table in excel). In my case, I have to filter the column based on green color (back ground color) . Could you please let me know how do I handle this in ‘FilterOptions’ property of Filter Table activity.


as far as I can see there is no option to filter by Colour. FilterOptions “Enables you to filter a spreadsheet column by the values from a specified String array variable

Maybe you can try to use “Invoke VBA” activity. Also it is possible to work with Excel files from the VB .Net. But, both cases require some coding experience

This is not currently supported. Also, this is not the best way to filter data in Excel. I recommend you add another column with a 0/1 flag that represents what the color should show. This way, you can also create pivot tables and do counts and sums on the specific filtered data. You cannot do this via colors.

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