How to filter rows by a certain text in different columns

Hello all,

I have a muster extract, wherein we have the columns as dates and the rows are their presentee status e.g. Absent or Present.

I want to filter rows whereever there is AB mentioned for each and every employee and have only those rows displayed. So that I can email them and they can act on it.

Attached is a spreadsheet with raw data, the second tab is the example of the desired result. I should have that for every employee as tabs or different excel whichever is easier.

Thanks much for your help

MusterRoll_Sample.xlsx (17.0 KB)

In your excel file, it is difficult to apply filter because the data is not in the format to apply filters.

Here you have to write your own logic to extract the required information and save to a new excel tab or excel file.

Karthik Byggari