How to filter mail subject using Filter properties of get exchange mail activity


I have a requirement where in BPT should read only those email which certain subject. i see that there is property called filter expression. but i do not have much knowledge on this. please help me to understnad.

example subject mail : Invoice #1234

Note #1234, keep on changing.

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Hi @Preethi2 ,

Try this below filter expression.


Here, the above filter expression behaves as it will fetch only those emails containing subject name as Invoice

To know more about this property, Please check out the below link



Use Get exchange mail messages activity you would get maimessages object.

Once you get mail messages you can use for each loop to loop each and ever mail message.

Inside for you can have filter in subject like below.

For single item

Item.subject.contains(“Invoice #”) to filter the email with the subject. I hope it will helpful. Thanks.

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Hi @pavithra_pavi ,

Thank you for the reply. This is what i was looking for. This helped me alot

Hello @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

Thank you for replying. Yes i thought this option as well. I was using this concept till now. But my recent requirement doesnt allow me to use this option as we are dealing with huge amount of mails, hence i wanted to read only those email having subject “Invoice”.

No Problem, Happy to help :slight_smile: :blush:

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Your welcome. Yeah @pavithra_pavi solution more robust than mine. Please use that in your process. Nice connecting with you. Happy learning.

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