How to filter email from last 7 days in uipath using office 365 query filter

HI Guys , Needs to filter email from last 7 days till today as I am using Office 365 and I have tried with many option and getting the error code: badrequest, Please help me out on this ?

With get outlook msg its working fine with the receivedDate and @SQL, but its not working on office 365 and getting the error and code: badrequest


we would assume an OData filter like

receivedDateTime ge 2023-11-24T00:00:00Z

lets focus later on the UTC baselining

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Tried it …its not working

Hi @ahmed4566

Please try using the below filter.

“[ReceivedTime] >='”+DateTime.Today.AddDays(-7).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”)+“'”


Hi, will it work on office 365 query filter?

we assumed that you also referred to the linked Tutorial

Then it would be better you share with us what was done in detail and what was not working / different result

giving me the replies with greater than the date…my requirement to give last days of any day the bot run

we did and also linked a tutorial. We also had implemented the same and it is working sucessfully in production projects.

when we are limited and cannot inspect what was done in detail at your end we are blocked for additional guidance.

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