How to filter Email by the Exact Time in office365 Get Mail Activity


I have a requirement where i need to Read the Mail that come at a Exact Time In office365.

Mail.ReceivedDateTime : 06/07/2023 02:27:07

I have used ReceivedDateTime eq 06/07/2023 02:27:07 but it is throwing Error.

Example Email :

Thanks in Advance.

Nitesh S

Try this

“[Received] = ‘06/07/2023 02:27:07’”
But make sure one thing that datetime format is same

Hi @raja.arslankhan

Thanks for looking in to it.

Am getting the Bellow Error.

Get Mail: From RPA bot email by query: Code: BadRequest
Message: Invalid filter clause: Syntax error: character ‘>’ is not valid at position 59 in ‘(receivedDateTime ge 1900-01-01T00:00:00Z) and ([Received] >= ‘06/07/2023 02:27:07’)’.
Inner error:
date: 2023-06-28T19:27:58
request-id: aeb40935-92b6-4507-85cc-563ec0579759
client-request-id: aeb40935-92b6-4507-85cc-563ec0579759
ClientRequestId: aeb40935-92b6-4507-85cc-563ec0579759

@nitesh.s Sorry. Just saw you are using Office 365 activities.
check this thread.

You have to format the datetime this way: