How to filter dates only prior to current month


I have one column(FIXED MILESTONE DATE) where it contains the dates of all the financial years, so i need to filter the date which is prior to my current month and also prior to my current financial year please see my below example.

here i have dates till 2020 to 2026 so i need to select only 2021(wch is prior to my current financial year) and also all the privious months except current month ( which means from 2021 - 2022 i need to select all the month expect current month) how do i acive this

can anyone plz help me?

@bhanupriya.cb How about doing this. Why don’t you read the data into data table and filter it there

Hi Ushu,

yeah but everymonth there will be addition of dates so since it is dynamic i just cant filter it using filter activity…like everymonth i need to filter prior to current month including only prior financial year