How to Filter Data in Dropdown Lists - UiPath Apps Tutorial Part 01

Hello Community,

If you want to know how to build UiPath Apps that lets users filter data in multi-select dropdown lists, then you may find this video interesting.

In this session we use a series of multi-select dropdown lists. Setting the filter criteria in the first dropdown results in data being filtered in the second!

You will experience how minimal configuration and a bit of practice with UiPath Apps Functions
and Expressions can help build powerful features into your Apps!

NOTE: If you are new to the topic, it’s recommended to watch a previous release here

Cheers! :slight_smile:

The video track:

  1. 00:00 - Intro
  2. 00:24 - Prologue
  3. 01:20 - Data Service Entity Recap
  4. 07:24 - App Overview and Demo
  5. 13:24 - The Source Dropdown Setup
  6. 16:56 - The Target Dropdown Setup
  7. 25:56 - Applying Filter Function to Dropdown
  8. 29:44 - EPILOGUE (not recommended to skip)