How to filter CSV file with duplicate Colum header

Hi i wanted to filter my CSV file but i have a Duplicate Header.

if “Person Number” in (Excel) have same “Person number” in CSV

  • Get the Assignment Number starts with Letter “E”


  • Skip

Thank you In advance


For now, the following will help for handling duplicated column header, for example. (7.8 KB)

Then we can use Join DataTable etc to get AssignmentNumber.


Hi @Yoichi i dont know why it gives me the whole column header at the very 1st loop?


Can you share your workflow and csv data, if possible? It’s difficult to understand what happens from the above image.


Hi @Yoichi
please check

Main.xaml (8.1 KB)
Processing: FULL extract (employee roster) v20180308.csv…


Thank you for sharing. However, cannot download the csv file. Can you check it? Dummy data is ok if it reproduces the problem.

Regards, (11.4 KB)

uploading the zip file thank you


Can you modify from Tab to Comma at Delimiter property of ReadCSV?


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