How to filter Columns with same column Name


I have Situation Like this :


I need to apply filter to the parent column which contains NA values i.e i want to apply filter on the second column not the first, When I am using Filter Datatable it says Column Parent already belongs to the data table.

How to tackle This ?

let’s assume that the data is within a data table and due to the duplicated names in the first row addheaders was ticked off.

You can use the column index (1) as it is 0 based
the generated ColumnName

Hi @Ishan_Shelke

Do check out this post also

As an alternate for handling Duplicated Col Names have a look here:

I tried dong like this it didn’t work


please give us complete info:

what was done, what was expected what did fail. which data was used

I have data something like this :


What I want to do is just this


Apply filter on the Second Column and Filter Out the #N/A Values and Paste them into another Excel sheet like this :


What I did, Tried to apply the filter through the index number of the column using the filter datatable activty but the output thrown was like this :


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