How to filter column with Filter Table



I’ve been wondering for a while now how to filter a column according to a value. For example how would I filter a column of integers to display only values that are above / below the desired threshold?

All answers and tips are welcome and appreciated!


Hi @Smaiskis,

Request you to kindly search the KB articles and then Community forum before posting query, as it avoids duplication.

Below are the links for your reference :

KB Articles :

Forum : Filter Table in excel data tables



Hi @Vikas.Jain

The link for the example for filtering a data table is broken.

Please will you arrange for it to be fixed.


To be a bit clearer, it is this link on the page that is not working.


@Madalina_Boboc, Can you help here, Please?




This is a known issue. This KB article is pretty old and we cannot find the corresponding .xaml file in our sources. We are working on updating the KB article.

However, there is a dedicated activity you can use, Filter Table. For information about it, please refer to this Activities Guide topic.

Additionally, the link Vikas gave you also includes a .xaml example.

Hope it helps and good luck!