How to filter 2 columns based on some condition and write comments corresponding to the value

Hi All,
Above is my input data…
The task is, I need to filter “Grade” column which contains only C3 and C4
and again need to filter in the “country” column so i need to check against to C3 and C4…if the country is IN then i need to write comments in condition column as above, and if the country is US then also i need to write some comments, please help me…


You can use Filter Datatable activity

“Grade” = “C3”
AND “Grade” = “C4”

After that you can use For Each row activity and inside use Assign Activity and place a switch activity

Hope this will help you


Hi @bhanu.priya2

Here is the workflow (63.5 KB)

Hope it will work


Hi @Gokul001 ,

Just now checked your code nice work. Could you please share the high level steps you have done for this automation with the screenshots if possible so that it would be helpful others who are looking for the same solution. thanks.

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Hi Thanks for your reply, but i can see some missing activities.


if u don’t mind can you please tell me which are those missing activities


This Activity is the “Message Box”

Goto Manage package update this package → Uipath.System.Activities

Kindly let me know if you have any query related to this topic. If not close the topic @bhanu.priya2


Hi Gokul,

Thanks for the solution, it is working fine.

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