How to fill Grade up to certain date for 3 different dates?

Newbie here and needs help.

I need to design a workflow to accept inputs from user.
One of the input is Grade which is either a, b or c
First input starts to fill cell B2

The second input is either 1/10/2020, 1/10/2021 or 1/10/2022
After this second input, I need to fill in the Grade one cell before the second input.
1.xlsx (9.7 KB)

The request for the 2 inputs repeats 3 times.
The second set of 2 inputs also asks for Grade and Date but the Date must be later than the one in the first set of inputs

In the attached table is an Excel file that will fill in what the user inputs. Sheet 2 is how I want the input to be filled in.

Hi @ayeo22

First add dialog boxes for getting user input or alternately you can create a ui form to get all the inputs at once.

Now create a datatable and use add datarow to add your data as you want for example

Initialize the variables(outputofseconddialogue,outputofdialoguebox) with empty string using string.Empty

Say used provided a in the first dialogue box then after that add a add datarow activity and give the array of datarow as {outputofseconddialogue,outputofdialoguebox}
And then another add datarow depending on how many times you want the second column value to be added add those many add data rows like this

Next add another dialogue to give date

Add both of these in a loop for how many ever times you need


thanks for the prompt reply.
as a newbie, I know how to get the inputs through input dialog activity.

for the rest, I may need you to show me

thank you

Hi @ayeo22

Find the activities that i mentioned in the top. That would help you learn as well. If you face any blocker a helping hand from all of us is always there. But if you still need all screenshots i can provide. But from learning perspective i would suggest this.

You need build data table to give your columns
Add data row to add required rows
Values inside it are the output variables from you dialogue box
Write range to write the data to excel
For loop with Enumerable.Range(0,3).ToArray in your list of items property and change type argument to int32


Hi Anil_G,

Thank you for your proposed solution, as I have to complete this workflow urgently, I will try your proposed solution (which I need to learn the activities from scratch) when I have available time. Hope you understand.

I managed to use a combination of LookUp Range, Write Cell and Auto Fill Range activities to design the workflow.

Hi @ayeo22

Happy to help anytime. We all can learn together and move ahead. Yea i know the timelines are strict, thats the reason we are here for you to help you out

If your workflow is not working please let me us know we will give you what you want

Happy to know you are able to get to the solution . Small steps a day will take you to the destination


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