How to fill form dynamically?


I am filling a form using UI Path. I have attached screenshots of the Excel sheet. The Security groups are a part of a for each activity which I use to fill the Security group name from the sheet. This is a part of the first web page.

On entering the next web page, I have to fill in the data dynamically for each security group(column C) for one parameter and column D for another parameter. There are two entries each for my 2nd test data and 4 entries for one parameter and 3 entries for second parameter respectively

How do I fill the data dynamically?

Till this statement I got
But this statement I wasn’t able to get it
Kindly elaborate that pls
Cheers @abdul.hakeem.siraj

Hi @Palaniyappan

In the excel sheet, Cell B2 has two entries each C2:C3 and D2:D3 whereas Cell B6 has 4 entries C6:C9 in one parameter and 3 entries D6:D8 in another parameter.

I have color coded the same in the attachment.

The data in row B is a part of a for each activity in one web page and the data in rows C and D are to be filled in the second web page.

How do I fill the data dynamically as the number of parameters which have to be filled in the second web page keep varying?


You need to build up your datatable accordingly,

Try adding Security Group to the blank rows

I.e. B3 = B2 etc.

Then when you enter in for each for security group, you can for each distinct values in column B.

Then you can you DT.Select([Security Group] = row.item([Security Group])
This will give you the associated row from column C and D.

You can then use this subset of datarows to fill in information on second webpage.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Which activity should be used for this task?


You can use an assign for the Dt.Select (if you use .copytodatatable at the end it will give you a datatable of just the specific rows)
Or you can use use the filter datatable activity

  • then you can use for each row to loop through this

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