How to Fill corresponding row data values in excel

Assume that you extracting the name, surname, age, and location values from PDF and you want to fill excel empty rows with the corresponding data.

Description and Details are headers.

Which way can I use to fill the data, Keep in mind we can have more rows to fill.
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Hey @Malusi_Ngubane,

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After scraping you have set of values handy.

Access each field and assign value.

(DataTable.Rows.AsEnumerable.Where(function(row) row(“Description”).ToString.Equals(“Name”)).First)(“Details”) = Name value

Above statement can be accomplished using assign activity.

Similarly you need to follow for other fields.

If you are not comfortable with querying you can just follow traditional for-each row method and build logic inside it.

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@Malusi_Ngubane- Take look at this workflow…This is exactly similar to what you are asking…You can ignore the activities which is not needed for you…

Main.xaml (18.9 KB)

This is my Input Datatable where i need to right the output in the “Value” Column.

Output: I have printed the datatable where the third column(Value) has been filled …

You can follow this approach and try it. (Ignore the Regex(column) if you don’t want)…

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