How to fetch the latest inserted record which is dynamically adding using selector

When we have List where everyday it creates a new record/row job is every day we need to goto newly added row and click on that

Where in this ID will be keep on changing

Hi @chaithanya_kumar_M
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You had to make the selector dynamic by including the current date as format of file

if possible ca u share the selector please?
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The above one is selector where system will generate another pdf file for tomorrow i.e 31st so which have the new id

webctrl aaname=‘Download’ parentid=‘1617055200000’ tag=‘IMG’

Hi @chaithanya_kumar_M
can u show the uiexplorer part ?

Am very new to this please let me know anything if i missed

Hi @chaithanya_kumar_M

did u indicated the full region like this

or only download button?

We wanted to click on download button … but where as this pdf will generate everyday with the different ID

Take the dynamic selector don’t use the id use today date. like today.tostring or datetime.tostring inside the selector create a variable assign date time and use that variable into your selector where date is appear

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