How to fetch the Excel Add-ins dropdown list in Excel

Hi all,

Trying to fetch the following dropdown list from Excel add-in’s and its not working. “Select Item” doesn’t work at all and I tried “Find Children” and then “Get Attribute”, but no luck there aswell. Any suggestions please?

Use Get attribute activity


I need to get the list of value from that dropdown. Get Attribute will give me a string of that data element correct? Little confused on how it would work, could you please elaborate?

This is what I git with ‘Get Attribute’ aswell.

Usually for a combo box on a website, you can use Get Attribute activity and then set the Attribute property to “items” to get the whole list. The result will be an array of strings.


Unfortunately for you, the combo box in the Excel options doesn’t support the “items” attribute.

The other way is to use Find Children + Get Attribute activities to find the list items. But it won’t work for you either because your particular combo box doesn’t contain any children except for the Open button.

So I guess you will have do it the ugly way. Use Click activity to open the list and then a Get Full Text to capture the text.


GetComboBoxItemsExcel.xaml (6.4 KB)

Thank you @ptrobot

Those add-ins are available under developer tab as-well, I took that route for now. But thank you much for the reply. I will try this out too!!

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