How to fetch the color of the text from excel

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Scenario: want to fetch the color of the text from excel sheet and then depending on color want to proceed to further steps. i have some table in the excel sheet and some of its text in red color. so i need to preserve the font color for the particular text and do some comparison or do the required steps from there on.

Example : i have a red text in the excel and trying to get the font color. Red%20Text


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Thanks i am able to get the text color from excel, but i think the cell number should be prefixed, how can we achieve this getting the color of the text if we have table with many rows and many cells ?when i read the table using the read range and then want to check the value color, if it is red then i want to preserve the text color when creating a data table. i have attached the photo which the information, the table size would be varied and then my bot should read the entire table(i mean entire range as a table) and then it should be able to identify the text color in each cell.

can we get the color by using the read range and take the data to data table and then fetch the color or is there any other way fetch the color of each cell for each row in the entire excel sheet.