How to fetch text using color in uipath


i have some text i.e. you can leave for this day suppose leave is red color i want the text leave which is in red color how can i fetch the text by using color.


Q: where do you have this text? Email,Word,Excel etc.


i am trying over treeview node suppose i want to fetch deactivate no which is red color in that case

9870822561->9853688978 is in red color which is child node how can i fetch the child node text i.e 9853688978


Check the selector properties of 9853688978 and see if you are able to retrieve the color (mostly innerhtml/style/outerhtml)

Use below example for reference:

Children.xaml (9.3 KB)


Thank’s vvaidya for your response,i will try this and give you feedback.


Sampad Biswal