How to fetch table like data from web page

Hello All,

Here is my sample image of data it looks like table information on the web page. Basically the page so much of data like below How do i fetch information using any method or activity. Based on the first column (eg: Interchange Time) i have to determine the value in the second column.
Thanks for your help.

@shyammaddi - did you try Data Scraping?

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Can i use here Data Scrapping ? I don’t have any similar fields to indicate second time, since i have only one page it has multiple table wise data with sections.

@shyammaddi Yes you can use data scrapping even there are no multiple pages. While doing the data scrapping it will ask whether table has multiple pages. Choose No and viola its done!

So, Interchange Date is just once and there is no second Interchange Date (or any other element for that matter), on the page?
Do, you can select the first element, but when data scraper asks you to select the second element, you are not able to. Is this what you mean?
If yes, Data Scraping will not work.