How to fetch queue data from "Get Test Data Queue Items"?

I am Working on Testing with Synthetic Data. In this process will create and add test data into Testing Queues in Orchestrator.
Watch the below images.

How to loop this type of variable?

@Soundarya_Guduri output of “Get Test Data Queue Items” is Dictionary
so change argument type of loop to dictionary( Dictionary (String, Object))

Out type is “List”


Here in documentation its type is Dictionary

@Soundarya_Guduri No problem put that datatype in loop argument as well and see what its giving.
Go loop properties and change argument type to system.collections.Generic<List.Testing.Core.TestDataQueueItem>

@Soundarya_Guduri I think so its giving list of Dictionaries, are you able to get data.

when I have used type of Argument

The Output is

Hi @Soundarya_Guduri

have a look on the video


This video show how to fetch data from a single TestqueueItem(GetTestQueueItem).
not for -->GetTestDataQueueItems

please put in write line-> Item(“Emp_ID”).ToString

You values in list->Dictionary

Output is a List(Of TestDataQueueItem)

We would recommend to further inspect the TestDataQueueItem from the output within one of the debug panels:
Understanding the 6 Debugging Panels of UiPath in the easiest way possible! - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum

and do some prototypings like


@Soundarya_Guduri are you try peter solution?

using this expression it only fetching 1st one .

We just asked you to prototype it within the immedediate panel
But now, as the retrieval is working you have explored that with .Content(YourKey) you can access and retrieve