How to fetch excel data which header color is green

Hi I am using excel scope now I need to fetch only those records which header is green as mention in attachment

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In Read Range Activity, Give “A9” under Range property.


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Hi @Aditya10989
Check this thread


thanks for reply not work can you please tell me what A9 will do…??

It will start reading the excel file from this Cell “A9”. Hence, you will get the column names.

no my question if you saw my screenshot I have header of two color one is green and another is blue I need those record whose header color is green only

ReadRange activity can’t regonise colors. So you have to know what are the columns you need Select for the process.
Finding the column using color is not possible in Read Range.

oki…! If the green colour is fixed one, use Filter datatable activity.

Keep the columns whatever required.




@kadiravan_kalidoss thanks

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