How to fetch data from Excel from specific column and process it in SAP

Few part from involve in my automation.

  • How fetch file from mail id.

  • Download that file to common place(Network place or folder) -Please let me know if this step required or not.

  • Open Excel file Read specific columns (Shipment list and Charges) Shipment number can have charges or no Charges Depend on country

  • Need to process those shipment into sap to generate invoice. (Should I take all the shipments along with charges into sap and process them one by one or We can to excel every time and bring single shipment number n charges(If any) process and go for second one and get it from excel and do the same. (Need Detail suggestion on this)

  • Now let’s talk about charges, if we have charges mentioned into our excel for a shipment then there is one another sub process where we need to enter those charges and save them if we have charge column as empty no need to go for sub process. can go and generate invoice directly. (How this conditional thing work and for charges which activity can be best to use also)

  • How will be looping through will work if we use excel or data table in uipath.

I am very new to this so detail and step by solution would be helpful on how to go on this project. Kindly help me out in this. if need any further information please let me know.

Thanks you very Much


Please go into Completely new SAP Academy course , and learn learn the automation techniques and the best practices for SAP WinGUI automation

In one of the chapters I am describing, how to work with Excel and SAP

Best regards, Lev