How to Extract Web DataTable and how to use Object Repository for the website?

Begin Reference,

  1. Go to site
  2. Select Nifty Small Cap 100
  3. Extract the table
  4. Create a new sheet in new workbook with Today’s date in MMDDYYYY format and add the data extracted.
  5. Send an email to the [] along with attachment
  6. Take any 3 stocks input from the live-equity-market of Nifty small Cap 100, which will show the stock symbol
  7. Need to log and display the LTP and %CHNG in a message box for the stock symbol provided by user
  8. Need to use modern day activities
  9. Use all the UiPath best activities (REframework / or any other better framework)
  10. Using an Object repository for the website will be a plus
  11. that data should be Configurable.
  12. Exception and Best practices

Kindly reply in detail with all the steps and also mail me the whole zip file on

Thanks and Regards,
Yugandhara Shirbhate