How to extract Verification Code from Outlook(just numbers)

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How do we get the verifcation copde from Outlook when the body looks like below:


FYI: The code is dynamic in the length. Right now it’s 6 but might increase in future.

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Hi @ayushi_jain3

Write the body into text file. Read the text file and store the output in a variable and after that you can the extract the verification code using Regex expression and store that in a variable and use that variable in the further workflow.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. Could you please help with the regex expression. And where to use that like in which activity. Sorry I am kind of new to this.

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Hi @ayushi_jain3

See, if you’re able to get the mail body in a variable.
You can use a Split function in an assign activity.

Create a variable verCode of type String.
In an assign activity use the below:

verCode = MailBody.toLower.Split({“verification code”},StringSplitOptions.None)(1).Trim.Split({“this code”},StringSplitOptions.None)(0).Trim

This should give you the dynamic verification codes being generated and sent on mail.



Send me the sample text after extraction of the the mail by using below syntax:
I will help you out with regex.


Hi @adiijaiin ,

It is giving " index out of bound array" error at second assign activity.

hi @ayushi_jain3
You see that we have used a toLower function hence you need to pass verification code and this code inside the parenthesis.

@adiijaiin , Thanks. It worked

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You are most welcome.

Thanks for marking the solution. :slight_smile:

Happy Automation!

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